Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello World v2.0


This is just a short blog I'm putting up to make a quick reference to events or projects I'm participating in or links of interest:

The following three links are websites I'm working
on. The first one is complete and I just do maintenance on links/updates. The second link is still in the early phase, the client and I have to work out the theme and all the features they would like to have implemented. Joomla is the CMS being used on this site and I look forward to adding dozens of features using this CMS. The third is for a touch screen glove company:

The best way to get a hold of me is through email:

I was also involved in an Open Source project that I was introduced to by David Humphrey, an excellent prof at the Seneca @ York Campus. I have since my last blog entries not been an active member, but see new members have picked up the torch and are moving forward with this cool language.

The next link is to a demo we were using for our music based rhythm game me and 5 other friends were working on:

Demo <------ (If you only click on one link, make it this one. I still get re-inspired.)

Currently my favorite game editing tool provided by a developer is Starcraft II's Map Editor. The following youtube link is a link to a channel I made that I intent to use to post Starcraft II videos for fun or as tutorials for noobs.

The following pictures are displaying my 2 favorite creations I made with the map editor and intent to have playable by the StarCraft 2 community:

My Spin on a more basic "Lost Temple" meets "Proving Grounds"

My spin on Blood Bath